Terms & Conditions

As per our Mission Statement:
‘We aim to provide Excellence in Medical Care, with a sense of Service for all our patients, in a professional, pleasant and friendly environment’.

At CHSMC we try to assist you with any of your health needs: physical, mental, psychological.

We look at you as a complete person, not as someone with an isolated problem. We aim to assist you with your health matters throughout all stages of your lifetime – as long as you wish us to do so.

We consist as a team of three interrelated cogs – Administration, Medical and Nursing with each cog and every member of each cog having equal status and respect.

We are here to assist you – as your advisor / mentor; we are never your judge or juror.

We aspire to assist people of all ages, races, persuasions and creeds with equal respect.

All members of our Team continually try to maintain and better our standards such that we can give you the best possible service – however we are not infallible, we will occasionally make mistakes or errors; when we do so, we will admit same and apologise and learn from them such that we would aspire for them not to recur.

We try to be pleasant, polite and well kempt irrespective of how we are feeling personally or what kind of a day we are having – when possible we ask the same of you, our patients.

Honesty, Integrity & Confidentiality are core principles of all team members we also strive to care, cure, ameliorate and empathize whenever we can.

In an ‘ideal world’ we would be funded for the work we do, in assisting you with your health needs, from a fund that is replenished by those that are well, healthy and capable to do so.
Unfortunately this is not the case and as we have no other funding source other than the reasonable fees we charge – we would ask you to be cognisant of same.

In the instance of a patient cancelling an appointment, we ask that he/she informs us at their earliest convenience in order to prevent, to some extent, the waste of a timeslot which may be of great use to another patient, and also the time of one of our employees. Whilst we understand that accidents can happen and often other occasions must take priority over your pre-booked appointment, we kindly ask that you make every effort to prioritize and hold onto your booking.

Should a patient derive a history of unwarranted cancellations, we will ask that upon booking a further appointment the patient must pay the appropriate consultation fee at the time of booking, either in person or over the telephone via accepted credit or debit card. If the patient does not show to his/her pre-paid appointment, the transaction will still stand, and Custom House Square Medical Centre will receive the previously agreed fee. If the patient shows for his/her appointment but requires further, more comprehensive care in the centre and hence incurs a greater fee, the balance may be paid on site.

Whilst this method of dealing with these matters may be unfavourable it has become policy as a result of a great increase in occurrence of these situations. Should you be asked to pay for your appointment in advance please note that the suggestion is based purely and solely on previous appointment history, and any other factor eg. social class, race etc., have no bearing or influence on the matter. We would ask you for your co-operation in these instances.

We, as you, are mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, lovers, team mates, colleagues – as well as being your Medical Advisor / Assistant. We are not responsible for the illnesses or ailments that befall you. We will however always try to help you with your health needs where and when we can.

When and if we fall short of the standards we set ourselves and aspire to, we would ask you to make us aware of this by availing of our Complaints Procedure: http://www.custommedical.ie/complaints/