In order to offer you the best possible quote or rate for your proposed policy the Insurance Company have asked you to attend us for a Medical Examination.

Our role is to help you complete the Medical Forms, Medical Tests and Examinations as requested by the Insurance Company so as to enable your specific case to be underwritten by the Insurance Company’s Medical Underwriters as fairly as possible.

The Medicals vary from a Basic Medical Examination only, up to the ‘Full Monty’ – Fasting Blood Tests, Medical Examination, Urine Toxicology and Resting ECG.

The Insurance Company decides which Tests are required and ask us to complete these with you. The requirement of specific tests depends on the type of policy you are applying for and the potential value of that policy and are not determined by us. If you have any concerns regarding the requirement of the Medical or Specific Tests, you should query these with your Broker or the Insurance Company before attending for your Medical.

Medicals can be scheduled 07.00 hrs – 18.30hrs Monday – Friday inclusive.
Strictly by prior arrangement and agreement only, and for an additional fee, Medicals ( please note no blood tests  available on Saturdays) can be done on Saturday mornings.

On booking your Medical we will advise you of the requirements we have been asked for by the Insurance Company.

If you are required to have fasting blood tests we usually schedule these medicals for the morning sessions, as we like you to attend Fasting i.e. nothing to eat or drink for the preceding 10-12 hours. It is easier to do this whilst asleep, and this allows your body’s metabolism to achieve baseline levels.
Please note if you have a medical condition that may be affected by this, or you are on any medication, you should discuss this by phone or email with the Doctor before attending / embarking on your fast.

On arrival, you will initially be seen by the Nurse, who will do some baseline measurements and take the required Blood Tests, all through one very small needle. The tests included where applicable are listed below.

If you have attended ‘fasting’ we then offer you a breakfast including cereal, toast and tea / coffee with a chance to catch the morning headlines in the paper. If you have any particular dietary requirements we will try to accommodate you but the ‘full Irish’ is out!

You will attend the Doctor for a full Medical History and Examination. We have both Male & Female Doctors and it is our policy that all personal examinations are chaperoned. Obviously, if there is any part of the examination that you do not require it is entirely at your discretion.

If required, we finish off the medical with a Resting ECG.

A Chest X-ray, if required will be performed off site, in a Private Facility, convenient to either your home or work place. We will provide you with the form and the x-ray is paid for by Custom House Square Medical Centre.

The Doctor will collate all the data and complete the Reports / Forms which will be forwarded to the Insurance Company’s Chief Medical Officer.

If any significant finding occurs we will either advise you at the time of your medical or subsequently either directly or via your GP / via the Insurance Company depending on the Medical need / urgency. We aim to make your medical an enjoyable and educational experience.

Blood Tests

Blood Tests if required:
Full Blood Count – checks your blood iron and marrow / immune system function
U&E – checks kidney function
LFT’s – checks liver function
Fasting Lipid Profile – checks Cholesterol and sub-fractions – good, bad and ugly
Fasting Glucose – checks for tendency to Diabetes
PSA – prostate blood test – men only

Additional blood tests if required:
HIV Screen
Hepatitis screen

Please ask the Doctor or Nurse if you have any additional requirements regarding blood tests, preferably before attending, to enable us to facilitate same if at all possible.

Other Tests

Other Tests included in Medical Examination:

Breast Examination and teach self examination (required if over age of 40, optional otherwise)
Cervical/ Pap Smear Test – ideally you should be ‘mid cycle’ i.e., 14 days after start of period (completely optional)

Scrotal Exam / Testicular check (required on all medicals)
Prostate Check / Digital rectal examination (optional if over age of 40)

Male and Female:
Bowel Check – either Digital rectal examination or ‘home bowel check kit’ (completely optional)
Urinalysis – medical screen (all medicals) and Cotinine (if required)
HIV Test* – this may be done if requested either by blood sample or saliva sample (depending on the insurance company’s instructions).
The test and implications will be explained to you by the Doctor and your Consent is required. It will only be done with your permission and you are asked to nominate a Doctor to inform you if the result is Positive. Note the test is for HIV Antibody and therefore if you have only acquired HIV in the period just before the Test it may be negative (false negative).
Urine Toxicology* – a screen for commonly misused illicit and prescription drugs.
The test and implications will be explained to you by the Doctor and your Consent is required. It will only be done with your permission and you are asked to nominate a Doctor to inform you if the result is Positive.

*These tests are requested by the insurance company based entirely on the potential claim value of your policy and do not reflect any inference on your habits or hygiene.

We make every effort to accommodate you for your Medical as promptly and efficiently as possible – however given the nature of Acute Primary Medical Care and our provision of Minor Injury Unit Services, occasionally you may be subject to some delay. Therefore we ask you to please schedule your Medical at a suitable time for yourself, when you are not in a hurry.

Depending on the type of Medical our Reception Staff will be happy to advise you regarding approximate time / duration.


We perform medicals for the following companies:
Bank of Ireland Life
Friends First
Hibernian AVIVA
Irish Life plc
New Ireland Assurance Company plc
Royal London


Past Medical Attendance Reports – PMAR’s

These may apply to anybody who has attended us for GP services / personal medical issues.

When you the patient apply for a mortgage, life assurance, permanent health insurance, income protection insurance or indeed sometimes when promoted within work – the insurance company underwriting this policy may ask us to complete a PMAR.

PMAR’s will not be completed / forwarded without a copy of your consent signed with Insurance Company. 

Please note whilst your lender / broker may imply we have the papers instantaneously – it may actually take several days or even weeks for us to receive them.

We make every effort to complete these reports as soon as ever possible having received your consent; however we can not prioritize them ahead of acute medical paperwork so please do not hassle or barrage reception or doctors as it will not result in the report being completed any sooner.
If you have a particular time difficulty or deadline it is best to indicate same either on your consent form or by email to the doctor.

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