Increasing demands on women working inside and outside the home, the fact that they are responsible for formal contraception, baby nurture, childcare and then menopause means the number of areas in which healthcare is required is expansive and varied. Here at Custom House Square Medical Centre we strive to provide you with the best of care in the following areas:

Overall general physical and mental health information
Fertility and menstrual difficulties
Pre- conceptual screening and counseling
Contraception / family planning
Pregnancy testing
Combined antenatal / maternity care (Information leaflet available at reception)
Contraception and family planning between children
Cervical (smear) testing – please book appointment with one of our nurses
Breast screening
Sexually transmitted infection screening diagnosis and management
Menopause management
Osteoporosis prevention and management

Please note – if you wish to book an appointment for the Initial Contraception Consultation you can also use our online booking facility.

However if you would need to book a minor procedure to fit/remove IUD (An intrauterine device) or Contraceptive Implant you should ring reception on 01-8290902 or e-mail This service is not available through online booking.