Our ethos at CHSMC is not to be divisory and prevent people from working – it is to be facilitatory and ensure that where at all possible a person with a medical condition, is medically managed as best possible, such that they can continue to work safely and efficiently without exacerbating their condition and without harming any of their fellow workers.


Employee Health Screening

Regardless of your type of business and work environment under Health & Safety legislation companies now have a duty of care for their employees. The work environment and conditions have to be such as to enable the worker to complete their role healthily, with dignity and safety. There is also a requirement for the worker to attend for work in a fit and healthy state and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When managed correctly health screening can have significant benefits to both company and worker.

Improved: Productivity Attendance Morale Loyalty

Reduced: Absenteeism Loss of work time to sickness Litigation

Pre-Employment Medical Screening

Essential for both employee and employer – protects both Includes standard medical (Medical history & Medical examination). Additional available tests which may be included depending on position, responsibility and work environment:

Tests: Vision screen, Resting ECG, Blood Tests, Urine toxicology

Additional Services* Sick List Service Absence / Return to work Medical / Consultation / Management Executive Medicals Health & Safety Consultation Onsite / offsite Annual / Biannual Medicals Health Management Program Survival Clinics

*These for obvious reasons require configuration and agreement with our Medical Director.


Occupational Health – Price List

Pre-employment medical & report – €80

Pre-employment / Executive medical & report – € 280.00

Pre-employment medical, vision screen & report – € 130.00

Sick leave medical & report – € 175.00

Follow-up sick leave medical & report – € 75.00

Vision screen de novo (on/off site) – € 50.00

Tetanus injection – € 35.00

Urine Toxicology (as part of medical only) – € 55.00

Chest X-ray – € 85.00 ( referred to another clinic)

Flu immunisation (on/off site) – € 35.00

Hepatitis B screen & immunisation – €190.00 (Includes consult, serology & 3 injections)

Other Services

Sick List Facility, Company Doctor, GP Visit Subsidy – available subject to discussion and agreement with Medical Director. As of October 1st 2008. We are proud to announce the following Companies avail of our services in a variety of capacities:  BIM – IRISH SEA FISHERIES BOARD Compass Group DEPFA Bank Enovation Solutions Food Safety Authority of Ireland Glanbia Consumer Foods Ireland Irish Stock Exchange JP Ryan Maxol Ltd. Safe Food Scruttons NI Ltd. Spencer Hotel Squared Financial Services Ltd. STT Risk Management Ltd. Terminalfour UniCredit Italiano Bank (Ireland) p.l.c. Vayu Limited. WDFC Irish Branch WGZ Bank Ireland plc. Zurich Treasury