• Acute primary healthcare Sudden: Illness Injury Accident Chest pain doctor on duty from 7 am to 7 pm to deal with emergencies, including minor surgical procedures. General medical: Assessment, investigation & diagnosis of ailments / illnesses Assessment and management of chronic conditions / illnesses Assessment, investigation, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness Throughout all consultations […]

  • Our ethos at CHSMC is not to be divisory and prevent people from working – it is to be facilitatory and ensure that where at all possible a person with a medical condition, is medically managed as best possible, such that they can continue to work safely and efficiently without exacerbating their condition and without […]

  • In order to offer you the best possible quote or rate for your proposed policy the Insurance Company have asked you to attend us for a Medical Examination. Our role is to help you complete the Medical Forms, Medical Tests and Examinations as requested by the Insurance Company so as to enable your specific case […]

  • Sex is an important part of many relationships. It is also therapeutic, reduces stress levels and provides both partners with a sense of happiness for themselves individually, and each other. We can help and advise you on all stages of sexual health, from planning on becoming sexually active for the first time, to contraception, conception […]

  • Increasing demands on women working inside and outside the home, the fact that they are responsible for formal contraception, baby nurture, childcare and then menopause means the number of areas in which healthcare is required is expansive and varied. Here at Custom House Square Medical Centre we strive to provide you with the best of […]

  • This Medical is a full health check designed not only to try and pick up any early signs of Cardiovascular Disease (causes heart attacks and stroke) and Cancer, but also to educate you about your health and actually try to prevent you developing cardiovascular disease. This is known as Primary Prevention. To book Private Executine Medical […]

  • Please note – if you wish to book an appointment for a Minor Procedure you will need to ring reception on 01-8290902 or e-mail This service is not available through online booking. We provide Minor Surgery under local and regional anaesthesia: Diagnostic Excision and Punch Biopsy Abscess Incision and Drainage Superficial Lymph node biopsy […]

  • Planning a trip? Exotic, faraway locations are now increasingly accessible for an increasing variety of trips and activities. For several reasons, many of these locations do not have the health and safety standards to which we have become accustomed. A small investment of time and forward planning now can pay large dividends and protect your […]

  • The nursing team at Custom House Square Medical Centre work in conjunction with the doctors and are an integral part of the Medical / Surgical Service. Their skills and efficiency are used to further enhance the standard and completeness of care that we strive to provide. The nursing team are available on site during all […]

  • Repeat prescriptions are defined as prescriptions issued without a consultation between the Doctor and patient. With electronic records and computer systems in most GP practices, patients assume that issuing these prescriptions is a simple, automated process. However, a recent study found repeat prescribing to be a complex, technology-supported social practice, requiring collaboration between Patients, Clinicians […]

  • We provide Umarah vaccinations for people going to Saudi Arabia for Umrah 2014- Umrah 2015. Keeping in mind the medical concerns related to Umrah 2014- Umrah 2015, Saudi Arabia requires the pilgrims to get vaccinated against the following diseases/ viral infections, etc: Vaccination against Meningococcal Meningitis: is mandatory Should you require other vaccinations, we will […]

  • HAVE  YOUR  BABY  SCANS  AT  CHSMC Early Pregnancy Assessment Viability Scan (7-12 weeks) – Ultrasound confirming pregnancy    viability and dates – €90.00 Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) – the prenatal trisomy screening test based on maternal blood sample – €430.00 Genetic testing performed from 10 weeks of pregnancy onwards includes blood test and ultrasound dating scan. NIPT […]

  • You can now avail of your 6-monthly repeat contraceptive pill prescription online! (you will be required to meet with the Doctor in person for a face-to-face visit only on an annual basis). Please e-mail your name and date of birth to . Our Practice Nurse will ask the Doctor-on-duty to review your medical file, and providing there are no contraindications, your […]