Repeat prescriptions are defined as prescriptions issued without a consultation between the Doctor and patient. With electronic records and computer systems in most GP practices, patients assume that issuing these prescriptions is a simple, automated process. However, a recent study found repeat prescribing to be a complex, technology-supported social practice, requiring collaboration between Patients, Clinicians and Administrative staff.

Custom House Square Medical Centre Procedure for repeat prescriptions.
The Patient must provide reasonable notice when requesting a repeat prescription by emailing their Doctor at one of the email addresses below.

Dr Pau Castell-Montrull

Dr Peter Killeen

Dr Therese McGlacken

Dr Meabh Ni Dhiarmada

 Dr Fiona Bernardez McCudden


Should your Doctor be able to issue a repeat prescription, he/she will email you to confirm this and it will be left at Reception for you to collect. There is an administration fee of €25 payable upon collection.

In the case of an emergency, for example, a lost prescription, a prescription for 1 month may be issued at the Doctor’s discretion. This will incur an administration fee of €28, payable upon collection.

A repeat prescription may be issued to a Patient without a face-to-face consultation where the Doctor judges it to be safe to do so. Generally this will apply to the following situations:
Lower ‘risk profile’ medicines
The Doctor is familiar with the Patient’s medical history
If the Patient is ‘stable’ on a medication for an extended period of time. The Doctor may refuse to issue a repeat prescription if she/he feels it is unsafe to do so or is she/he believes the Patient needs advance monitoring.

Repeat prescriptions cannot be issued by Reception Staff.