The nursing team at Custom House Square Medical Centre work in conjunction with the doctors and are an integral part of the Medical / Surgical Service. Their skills and efficiency are used to further enhance the standard and completeness of care that we strive to provide. The nursing team are available on site during all our normal working hours and can also be available ‘off site’ for agreed projects. Please note – if you wish to book an appointment with our nurse you will need to ring reception on 01-8290902 or e-mail This service is not available through online booking.

Amongst the many roles that the nursing team fulfill are:

Blood Tests:

  • From 07.00 – 13.30 hrs Monday – Friday inclusive, please call 01-8290902 to book an appointment (for tests ordered / requested by our Doctors).
  • We can facilitate bloods requested by other Medical Practitioners for our existing patients by arrangement. However we do need a request letter from your doctor.
  • For Cholesterol Test & Diabetes Test you need to fast (nothing to eat or drink) for 12 hours.

Cervical Smear Tests:

  • Nurse is trained to take these and recognise the normal healthy cervix.
  • Ideal time for having a smear test is ‘mid cycle’ ie 10-14 days after the first day of your period / menstruation assuming you are having periods.
  • Nurse is also trained to take swabs for infections / STD’s post consultation and as advised by Doctor.
  • Nurse is happy & competent to advise re smears and new HPV Vaccine.


  • Nurse will administer injections eg B12, Hayfever , Depoprovera , Decapeptyl etc after initial consultation with doctor.

Travel Vaccinations / Immunisations:

  • Administration of vaccines as advised by doctor and boosters thereafter.
  • Administration of childhood immunisations.


  • Nurse will assess wounds and dress as required.
  • For emergencies / accidents nurse will assess wound and determine whether Doctor needs to review.
  • Nurse will care for wounds post surgery – both those carried out by our doctors and other registered Medical / Surgical practitioners.

Certificates / Claim forms:

  • Nurse can assist with social welfare certificates once they are sanctioned by our Medical Director.
  • Nurse can assist with insurance claim forms and queries re same.


  • Nurse will administer / treat simple palmar / plantar warts with liquid nitrogen therapy once sanctioned and advised by our Doctors.

(Note genital / more cosmetically sensitive or high risk therapy areas are treated by the Doctor.)